Hangfire 1.0 Released

30 Jun 2014 edit on github

Hangfire has finally reached the 1.0 milestone! This means that public API is frozen and considered to be stable. Starting from now, the SemVer 2.0 specification will be used for versioning every package (but there may be exceptions, follow the README for each package).

I want to thank everyone who helped me to reach this milestone, without your participation I would not be able to finish the work. Special thanks:

Release Notes

Upgrading from 0.x

If you have only Hangfire package installed, package update is very simple. Just type in your Package Manager Console window:

PM> Update-Package Hangfire

For custom installations, first update each package, and then remove the Hangfire.Web:

PM> Update-Package Hangfire.Core
PM> Uninstall-Package Hangfire.Web

Breaking Changes